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Victim Notification - (Spanish)

Victims of an offender incarcerated in an Ohio prison or under the supervision of the Adult Parole Authority may register with the Office of Victim services to receive notifications regarding:

  • The offender’s date to be released from prison
  • Upcoming parole and clemency hearings
  • Parole Board recommendations for Transitional Control
  • The offender’s escape and apprehension
  • The offender’s death
  • The offender’s status regarding transfer to another state or community supervision (Interstate Compact)

Victim Awareness Program - (Spanish)

The Victim Awareness Program provides an opportunity for offenders to begin to see crime from a different perspective, from the perspective of the victim.  An offender begins to see how the crime that they committed has affect crime victims, it allows the offender to take responsibility for the crime committed.

Some victims/survivors of crime who volunteer to tell their powerful, emotional journey in order to engage offenders in learning the effects of crime on the lives of others.  The Office of Victim Services is searching for victims/survivors to be victim impact speakers for the Victim Awareness Program.  Please contact the Office of Victim Services if you are interested in participating as a victim impact speaker.

P.R.O.V.E. (Batterer’s Intervention Program)

Personal Responsibility of Violence Elimination

P.R.O.V.E. is a batterer’s intervention program focusing on offender accountability in the elimination of intimate partner violence.  Offenders participate in this 18-week program that is victim sensitive, challenges the offender’s belief system, offers alternatives to behaviors of abuse and makes abusers accountable and responsible for their actions.

Victim Offender Dialogue Program - (Spanish)

Victim Offender Dialogue is a process in which the victim of crime(s) and the offender who committed the offense meet.  The focus is on the harm done to the victim and the offender’s responsibility in the reparation of that harm. The VOD process can only be initiated by the victim. 

Apology Letters - (Spanish)

Sometimes offenders who are incarcerated write a letter of apology or letter of accountability.  The Office of Victim Services discourages offenders from sending their letter to the victim(s) directly or through a third party.  If a victim is interested in receiving an apology letter from the offender in their case, they can complete a notification form or contact the Office of Victim Services directly to inquire if an apology letter has been submitted.

Victim Conference Day

The Ohio Parole Board sets aside time to speak with crime victims, survivors, and their families to discuss their position on the upcoming parole hearing for the offender involved in their case.  Victims and/or their families may speak to a parole board representative to share information with the board for consideration at the actual parole hearing that will be held at the institution with the offender.  Information shared is strictly confidential and will not be shared with the offender.  If you are a crime survivor and would like some more information please contact the Office of Victim Services at 888-842-8464 or

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Apology Letters - (Spanish)

How to Contact the Office of Victim Services Map

Transitional Control - (Spanish)

Victim Awareness Program - (Spanish)

Victim Notification - (Spanish)

Victim Offender Dialogue - (Spanish)

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