Office of Victim Services


4545 Fisher Road, Suite D
Columbus, Ohio 43228


or toll free
1-888-VICTIM4 (1-888-842-8464)



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The mission of the Office of Victim Services is to work in partnerships to make a positive difference in the lives of crime victims, by affording them meaningful participation throughout the Ohio corrections process.


What Services are Available for Victims of Crime?

  • Crisis intervention and advocacy throughout the corrections process.
  • Assist victims with concerns related to inmates and parolees under our jurisdiction.
  • Provide certain information regarding status of inmates in prison or under supervision of the Adult Parole Authority.
  • Community education about policies and procedures of the Department of Rehabilitation and Correction.
  • Refers victims to state, local and community resources.
  • Petitions the Ohio Parole Board for Full Board Hearings as appropriate.
  • Trains and monitors network of Victim Coordinators located in each prison and Adult Parole Authority region.
  • Provides education to department staff to increase awareness of victims' issues.
  • Assists the Ohio Parole Board and Adult Parole Authority in identifying victims' issues and provides input into decision-making process as appropriate.

Victim Registration/Notifications

If you are a victim of a crime and would like to register for notification regarding an inmate under the jurisdiction of the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction, complete the Victim Notification form.  Upon receipt of your notification form, the Office of Victim Services will process your request and mail a confirmation letter.


Senate Bill 160, known as “Roberta’s Law”, became effective on March 22, 2013. Roberta’s Law expands victim notification rights enumerated in Ohio Revised Code section 2930.16 as they relate to certain inmate release or transfer proceedings. If the inmate is convicted of Aggravated Murder, Murder, a first, second or third degree offense of violence or is serving a life sentence, the victim will be automatically notified of specified events, regardless of whether the victim has requested notification.

Roberta’s Law also provides an opt-out mechanism for those victims who do not wish to be automatically notified of certain inmate release and transfer proceedings.  In order to opt out of receiving these notifications a “Victim Notification Opt Out” form must be on file with the Office of Victim Services.  The signed “Victim Notification Opt Out” form can be mailed or emailed to the contact information listed below. 

The Office of Victim Services

4545 Fisher Road, Suite D

Columbus, Ohio 43228

Telephone (toll free) 888-842-8464



PLEASE NOTE:  In addition to the registration above, victims can also register with VINE (Victim Information and Notification Everyday) to have the most comprehensive notification services possible.  VINE links county sheriff and statewide correctional facilities to make the status of offenders available 24 hours-a-day, 365 days-a-year.


Restricting Calls from Incarcerated Individual(s) or a Specific Incarcerated Individual: If you have received a telephone call from an Ohio prison and wish to restrict further calls from all Ohio prisons or from a specific incarcerated individual, please call Customer Call Center at 1-877-650-4249 and follow the telephone prompts for this service.