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Victim Services

Victim Services works in partnerships to make a positive difference in the lives of crime victims, by affording them meaningful participation throughout the Ohio corrections process.

Victim Services

The ODRC is committed to aiding and supporting victims of crimes by providing a multitude of services. Our services include:  

  • Crisis intervention and advocacy throughout the corrections process 
  • Assisting victims with concerns related to incarcerated persons and parolees under our jurisdiction 
  • Providing information regarding the status of incarcerated persons in prison or under supervision of the ODRC’s Adult Parole Authority (APA) 
  • Community education regarding ODRC’s policies and procedures 
  • Providing referrals for victims to state, local and community resources 
  • Petitioning the Ohio Parole Board for Full Board Hearings as appropriate 
  • Training and monitoring Victim Coordinator networks located in each prison and APA region 
  • Victim issue awareness education and training for all ODRC departments and staff 
  • Assisting the Ohio Parole Board and APA in areas of victims' issues and hearing input 


Registration and Notification
Victims of a crime can register for notifications regarding the transfer or release proceedings of an incarcerated individual under the jurisdiction of the ODRC.
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Victims Programs & Services

The ODRC is dedicated to ensuring victims have the proper support, programming, and services needed to navigate the healing process and justice system.

Victim Compensation Fund

Find out how eligible victims of a crime and their families can be provided financial support for a wide range of expenses through the Ohio Attorney General’s Victim Compensation Fund.