Sex Offender Program




David Berenson, Director

Adult Sex Offender Program Certification

Pursuant to the enactment of Senate Bill 10, all sex offender programs for adults can make requests to the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction (ODRC) for certification. Section 2950.16 of the Ohio Revised Code requires ODRC to periodically inspect and certify sex offender and child-victim offender treatment programs that request certification.  ODRC has established the Sex Offender Program Certification Advisory Board (SOPCAB) to administer adult sex offender program certification in Ohio.  For a sex offender program to qualify for certification, it must be in full implementation for a minimum period of one year and have served a minimum of eighteen clients.

The Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction has developed a total of thirteen standards that all adult sex offender program providers must comply with.

The Sex Offender Program Certification Advisory Board (SOPCAB) will work with each program provider to ensure any implementation related questions or guidance issues are answered.

The SOPCAB will be responsible to schedule each program provider's certification review once the provider has submitted an application for program certification.  The certification reviews will be conducted by ODRC staff who have successfully completed the Sex Offender Program Certification Reviewer Training Program, facilitated by the SOPCAB.

Reviews will encompass an onsite procedure that reviewers will utilize to gauge the program provider's compliance levels with each of the thirteen standards.  Reviewers will examine and evaluate process indicator documentation. The results of this review procedure will be documented in a review report, which will be submitted to the SOPCAB and program provider.  The SOPCAB will determine whether the sex offender program is in full compliance with the sex offender program certification standards or is non-compliant with one or more of the standards and make a recommendation to the Director of ODRC.

Preparing for Program Certification Reviews:

Sex offender program certifications reviews will be scheduled to determine if each of the thirteen (13) standards are in compliance.  Each standard has a set of performance indicators that will be reviewed to determine whether or not the applicant is in compliance with the standard.

Applicants should carefully review each standard and its respective performance indicators.  Documentation should be presented to address each of the performance indicators.  This documentation should be prepared for the certification reviewers and presented for each of the standards at the time of the scheduled review.  For example, the applicants could have individual folders for each of the standards with documentation included in each folder for each one of the performance indicators.  Applicants may decide how they want to present the documentation, but it should be organized by standard to ensure clarity for the review process.

For those standards that involve a review of program participants' files, applicants should provide documentation from the files of 10% of the agency's total number of sex offender program participants, up to a maximum of ten (10) files.  For programs with less than fifty (50) participants, five (5) files should be represented. Documentation for each applicable standard/performance indicators should be from the same files.