Office of Religious Services

Each institution has various religious services available to the inmates.  Visit the institution pages for specific information about programming and services available.

Mike Davis is the Religious Services Administrator for the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction. He works with the Warden and Deputy Warden of Special Services within the institutions to provide supervision of the chaplains for the State of Ohio.

The position of the Religious Services Administrator for Religious Services requires thorough knowledge of religious principles and practices of more than one faith and clinical pastoral education in order to direct and monitor religious services of a multi-institution region for the department. The Religious Services Administrator plans, directs, and monitors religious services and programs for inmates, provides central leadership in coordination of all religious programs for all faiths within assigned institutions, develops, reviews, and evaluates policies, budgets, staffing, productivity, and effectiveness of specifically designed religious programs, and functions as liaison between central office, chaplains and staff in institutions, churches, and social agencies regarding clinical and religious educational matters. In addition, the Religious Services Administrator visits institutions throughout the state to hold training sessions, solve problems, explain new programs or policies, and maintain records on religious service activities. The Religious Services Administrator works with International, National, and Local ministries and/or organizations. The Religious Services Administrator collaborate with DRC/APA in an effort to promote the Reentry model to the community Statewide. The Religious Services Administrator serves on the Governor's Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives Council, serves as the Department's Reentry Initiative Religious Services Chairperson, and the Religious Services Administrator plans and directs the Death Row ministry to inmates and family of inmates to be executed.