Reception Summary

Prison Intake

Inmates sentenced to the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction are processed through one of three reception centers, based on their gender and/or county of commitment.  The Ohio Reformatory for Women, located in Marysville, is responsible for intake processing of all female inmates sentenced to serve a period of incarceration within a DRC facility.  Male inmates are assigned to their designated intake center based upon their county of commitment.  The Lorain Correctional Institution, located in Grafton, Ohio, processes male inmates from twenty-five counties in the northern part of Ohio.  Male inmates from the remaining sixty-three counties are processed through the Correctional Reception Center, located in Orient, Ohio. 

Processing Summary

Upon admission to a designated ODRC intake center, offenders are photographed and fingerprinted as part of the identification process. Physical, dental, and eye examinations are conducted. Various tests are administered to detect medical health problems and to determine educational and intelligence levels. Interviews with offenders gather information relevant to family structure, criminal and social behavior, drug and alcohol involvement, military and institutional experience, as well as education and employment history.

Processing Breakdown

Day 1

  • Inmate Received From Conveying Agency
  • Inmate Strip Searched
  • Record Office Personnel Receives and Reviews Commitment Papers and Assigns the Inmate an Institution Identification Number
  • Property Search. Excess Sent Home at the Inmate's Expense or Destroyed
  • Clothing and Personal Hygiene Items Issued from the Vault
  • Barbershop-Regulation Reception Haircuts
  • Profile Photos Taken, ID Badge Issued, Emergency Notification Data Entered into Computer Data System
  • Medical Intake History, TB Test, Mental Health Initial Evaluation
  • Assigned to Intake Housing Unit, Handbook Issued, General Orientation Given, Showers Given

Day 2

  • Chest X-Rays With Initial Dental Exam
  • Blood Drawn by Phlebotomist
  • Reception Physician Complete Physical Examination
  • Fingerprints Taken
  • Inmate Interviewed by Classification Specialist for Visiting Lists and Separation Needs to Include the Reception Classification Intake Questionnaire
  • Security Threat Group Identification and Registration
  • Detailed Mental Health Interviews to Better Determine Levels of Care, Including: Crisis Intervention of Placement in a Residential Treatment Unit

Day 3

  • PPD Read
  • Educational Testing Including:

    • Beta IQ Test
    • Table Locator
    • Table Survey
  • Public Defender Orientation
  • Recovery Service Testing Administering Prison Inmate Inventory
  • Chaplain's Orientation