Reentry Programming

Offender programming serves as an essential part of rehabilitation within and upon release from a correctional institution.  Effective programs provide opportunities for the offender population at all security levels to develop skills, learn new approaches, and overcome obstacles in their transition back to the community.

There are two categories of reentry programs: Reentry Approved Programs and Reentry Supplemental Programs.

Reentry Approved Programs

A program that incorporates demonstrated principles and processes that have shown to reduce recidivism through improved cognitive and behavioral functioning, evidenced by one or more outcome evaluations and requires specific facilitator training; Or, a program based on a sound theoretical foundation in which the instructional design is focused on learning and performance and requires subject matter expertise of the facilitator.  

A reentry approved program includes the following elements:

  1. Addresses a criminogenic need in one or more of the dynamic domains/needs areas.
  2. Refers to or is based on theory or research
  3. Relies on appropriate credentials or specific training for facilitation of the program
  4. Relies on a structured lesson plan
  5. Includes an assessment of offender risk and need for program admission
  6. Includes discharge/completion criteria for program participants                
  7. Includes an evaluation or monitoring plan

Reentry Supplemental Programs

A program that does not meet reentry approved status in addressing criminogenic need but shows promise and meets an essential habilitation need that has a proven nexus to recidivism.

Program submissions that do not meet the criteria as Reentry Approved or Reentry Supplemental will be identified and referred to the institution / APA as a Meaningful Activity.

Meaningful Activity

Any activity or constructive interaction which promotes citizenship; develops learning and employability skills; builds life skills and resilience; addresses well-being; and motivates personal engagement with both prison and community-based services.

Meaningful activities may include but are not limited to: attending a workshop, educational seminar or resource fair, participation in a weekly group that has not been identified as Reentry Approved or Reentry Supplemental, inmate-led groups that have attendance requirements, established rules and staff oversight, or any other non-leisure activity that includes constructive interaction.

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The Reentry Program Oversight Committee (RPOC) is a multi-disciplinary committee that provides oversight for the certification of reentry programs.  For more information on partnership opportunities please click: Reentry Program Partnership