Coalitions, Alliances & Reentry Partnerships

The goals of the Office of Reentry are directly aligned to  its mission of connecting individuals with communities, programs and services.  Communities play a great role in  ensuring that the men and women we serve are successful when returning home.

Our goals acknowledge that strong partnerships with community providers, employers, the faith community, survivors and others are necessary to effectively address recidivism.  They also recognize that when it comes to reentry transition, being crime free is important, but it is not enough.

Successful Reentry Coalitions give former offenders opportunities to support themselves through legitimate and productive work, reducing recidivism and improving public safety. Reentry Coalitions support the design to ensure that such people, like every other citizen, can find employment, access stable housing, support their kids and families, and become active contributors to their communities.


The overall mission of a reentry coalition is to promote successfulReintegration of formerly incarcerated people, reduce recidivism, and increase public safety.

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Reentry Coalition Handbook