Behavioral Health Operations & Sex Offender Services

Behavioral Health Operations Director:

Kelly Storm


614-752-1697 or fill out the form located here.

Behavioral Health Operations supports the ODRC mission by providing exceptional treatment to incarcerated Ohioans and preparing them for successful reentry.

What We Believe

We firmly believe in providing person-centered care to help people achieve optimal wellness and build a foundation on which they can maximize their potential. Behavioral Health collaborated with internal and external stakeholders to ensure a holistic approach that removes barriers to care and promotes effective service delivery. The incarcerated patient is at the center of treatment development, ensuring an individualized approach to treatment.

What We Do

Behavioral health treatment encompasses a wide range of interventions and methodologies designed to meet the dynamic needs of our patient population. Services include individual and group psychotherapy, psycho-educational programs, activity therapy, trauma treatment and interventions, psychotropic medications, crisis services, and re-entry planning and supports tailored to the individual’s treatment plan. Throughout our system, staff are provided with ongoing training on relevant treatment methods to remain in step with community practices.

Sex Offender Services is responsible for the planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of evidence-based assessment procedures and programs for sex offenders. Sex offender-specific assessments are conducted at the Sex Offender Risk Reduction Center at the Correctional Reception Center. Sex offenders who are assessed at the higher levels of risk to sexually reoffend undergo forensic evaluation. High risk sex offenders are mandated to complete the Comprehensive Sex Offender Program, which is a 12-month evidence-based program. These offenders are identified for the program when they are within three years of release. Learn more here.


Why it Matters

We align our beliefs with the Recovery Oriented System of Care (ROSC) model. At the heart of this model is the knowledge that treatment works and people recover with the proper interventions and supports. We need community resources and family support to supplement the services we offer to people while they are incarcerated. We are interested in total well-being. We recognize that no other issues impact entire communities quite like mental illness and addiction do, and we are here to be part of the solution. You can read more about ROSC here.



Partner With Us

Behavioral Health Operations recognizes the value of engaging family members, support persons, and external partners to promote overall patient success. Therefore, we are committed to being responsive to all forms of collaboration. If you have inquiries or concerns, please reach out to the facility and ask to speak to the mental health manager, who oversees day-to-day operations of behavioral health services.

Join Our Team

We are always looking for qualified professionals to join our team. Corrections is a challenging and rewarding environment with a diverse patient population. Our state and contract jobs offer flexibility and excellent benefits. We have career opportunities for direct-care positions as well as management and administrative positions.

Internships are another way individuals can gain experience in the correctional field. ODRC partners with dozens of universities near and far to bring interested stidents to the field of behavioral health. Interns are given the opportunity to learn and contribute to the unique setting, and our agency benefirs from their ideas and enthusiasm for advancing not only behavioral health strategies but also changing the landscape of criminal justice.