Justice Reinvestment and Incentive Grant 

FY 2020-2021 Competitive Grant Announcement


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The Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction, Bureau of Community Sanctions is seeking applications for the Justice Reinvestment and Incentive grant.  This grant was formerly known as the Probation Improvement and Incentive Grant.  This grant provides performance based funding to Court of Common Pleas, Municipal Courts, County Probation Departments and Community Based Correctional Facilities to adopt evidence-based practices to reduce the number of offenders on probation supervision who violate the conditions of their supervision. ODRC reserves the right to amend the information listed in this announcement.


Calendar of Events

Application Period Opens: May 14, 2019

Application Period Closes: June 3, 2019 at 8:30am

Application Screening Completion Date: June 17, 2019

(Automatic renewal applicants)

Application Screening Completion Date: July 26, 2019

(New applicants)

Notification to New Applicant Agencies: August 5, 2019



All Ohio Common Pleas Courts, Municipal Courts and Community Based Correctional Facilities are eligible to submit an application provided they comply with Revised Code §5149.311 (D) (1), which states that the courts must satisfy all requirements under sections §2301.27 and §2301.30. Courts must also affirm that they are utilizing the Ohio Risk Assessment System (ORAS), which is the single validated risk assessment tool selected by the Department of Rehabilitation and Correction in accordance with §5120.114 of the Revised Code.  CBCFs must demonstrate written support from a Common Pleas or Municipal Court within its application.


Grant Requirements


This grant requires the grantee to establish goals to reduce prison incarceration (community control violators and F4/F5 prison commitments) or jail incarceration. All baseline information must be derived from Fiscal Year 2014-2018 data.  See link for this information.


All grantees are required to submit performance reports noting progress throughout the grant period via Intelligrants. The performance review period for applicants who had successful FY18-19 JRIG grants and received an automatic renewal (auto-renew applicants) is July 1, 2019 to April 30, 2021. The performance period for all other applicants (new applicants) is October 1, 2019 to April 30, 2021. This grant also requires the submission of quarterly fiscal reports.


It is recommended that agencies review the Justice Reinvestment and Incentive Scoring document that indicates how assigned reviewers will be evaluating and scoring each submitted application.  Applications that score the highest will be given first consideration as part of the competitive scoring process.  As such, all applications may not be approved based on score and/or budget limitations.  



How to Apply

See full grant announcement.



Please contact the following Bureau of Community Sanction staff:


Matthew Morris         Phone: 614-752-1008         Email: Matthew.Morris@odrc.state.oh.us

Holley Bossell              Phone: 614-752-0904         Email: Holley.Bossell@odrc.state.oh.us

Jennifer Gentry           Phone: 614-728-1197         Email: Jennifer.Gentry@odrc.state.oh.us                       

Christopher Galli         Phone: 614-728-9990          Email: Christopher.Galli@odrc.state.oh.us