Preliminary Solicitation of Interest for the Potential Future Use of the Hocking Unit

Hocking Correctional Unit

The facility known as the Hocking Correctional Unit was constructed in 1955 by the State of Ohio to be used as a hospital for the treatment of tuberculosis patients. The administration building that sits outside of the main structure originally housed the nursing staff working at the hospital in the 1950’s. In later years the Hocking buildings were repurposed to a children’s center, then abandoned and turned over to the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction in 1982.

From 1982-1983 the facility was renovated into a prison by inmates and staff. In April 1983 the Hocking Unit received its first group of inmates and it continues to function as a correctional unit today. Through the years, under the control of DRC, several improvements were added to the 18.3-acre site. In 1984, an entry building was constructed to act as a security checkpoint for visitors and staff. In 1995, a garage was constructed outside of the main perimeter fence for maintenance and storage functions. In 2000, a vocational maintenance building was constructed to provide educational and vocational opportunities for inmates preparing to return to Ohio’s communities. In 2001, an addition was added to the exterior administration building for the purpose of storage and a locksmith room. Finally, in 2005, three single story structures were added to the facility to serve as a classroom, greenhouse and storage shed to conduct a horticulture vocational program. This final project brought the facility square footage to approximately 94,655 square feet.

DRC, with the assistance of the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission, engaged architectural and engineering experts in an agency-wide review of all buildings and structures within the Department during 2014. This review evaluated the condition of buildings throughout the agency and estimated the type and cost of renovations that would need to be completed within the next 10 years and beyond. The Hocking Unit was part of this evaluation and the following was determined:

  • Administration Building: requires roofing, window and door replacements. Improvements to general finishes, handicapped accessibility and egress will round out a renovation. Also recommended is HVAC and plumbing upgrades, electrical replacement, and fire suppression installation. Estimated recommended improvement cost within 10 years: $740,000.
  • Admission Building: overall the building is in good condition but will soon require a roof replacement since the original roof is still in place from 1984. Estimated recommended improvement cost within 10 years: $80,000.
  • Remaining Buildings: various infrastructure and finish improvements need to be made to the remaining buildings at the Hocking Unit to include HVAC, electrical, roofing, plumbing windows/doors. Estimated recommended improvement cost within next 10 years: $319,000.
  • Main Building: Much of the facility appears to be in fair condition with some exceptions. Ceilings on the first floor seemed particularly vulnerable to water damage from condensation off the HVAC or plumbing systems. Replacement windows do not completely fill the old opening. Replacement roofing is cracking and water is entering the insulation. Building has a steam boiler and hot water heat, partial air conditioning, 1200A120/208v three phase power, domestic water from a central, on site loop. Fire protection system does not exist. Keeping the building weather tight is a primary concern. Building needs roofing repair or replacement, window replacements, ceiling replacement, heating, plumbing and electrical upgrades and fire protection installation. Estimated recommended improvement costs to maintain as a prison unit within next 10 years: $6.0 million.

Hocking Unit at a glance

Total Acreage 18.3
Acreage Inside Fence 3
Acreage Outside Fence 15.3
Architecture Brick
Design Style Single building, 3-story
Buildings Inside Fence 6
Buildings Outside Fence 6
Capital Improvement Expenditure Since 2013 $1.5 million
Estimated Capital Improvements Needed Within Next 10 Years $7.1 million

Preliminary Solicitation of Interest for the Potential Future Use of the Hocking Unit

The Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction (DRC) has developed an outline and format for interested parties to submit ideas for the potential future use of the Hocking Unit. This is a preliminary step in order to gauge community interest. Proposals can include the use of the facility for a single purpose, or a multi-functional proposal that could include more than one entity occupying the facility.

Required Proposal Items

A written proposal for potential future use must at minimum include the following:

  • A general statement for the intended proposed use of the facility;
  • Scope of the portion(s) of the facility requested for potential use (complete facility or specific portions identified in the proposal);
  • Anticipated impact on the Nelsonville community and surrounding region:
    • Anticipated number of employees;
    • Anticipated number of individuals served and the catchment area for that service;
    • Other anticipated impact/information of importance.
  • How will the potential future use of the facility be funded and sustained;
  • Expectations or resources required from the State of Ohio;
  • Anticipated timeline associated with proposal, including all critical path steps; and
  • Assistance necessary beyond partnering groups (if applicable) to achieve operational readiness.

Following the requirements outlined above, please submit your proposal directly to no later than Friday, March 30, 2018. A request for a tour of the facility can be made via the email address above. The requestor will be contacted with potential tour dates and times. Additionally, facility structural assessments are available upon request via the email above.