FAQs: Correspondence

Q: What am I allowed to mail an inmate in prison?

A: You may correspond with an inmate via the U.S. Mail or through email using JPay services. For correspondence sent through the postal service, please include his or her inmate number on the front of the envelope. The inmate number can be obtained by calling Central Inmate Records at 614-752-1076 or you can use our on-line offender search (found on the homepage). Prison addresses can be found by locating the institution on their individual sites. Inmates may receive the following in a first class letter: 

  • Photographs (5) no nude, no Polaroid (no larger than 5 x 7) 
  • Newspaper clippings (5) (no larger than 8 ½” x 11”) 
  • Pamphlets or brochures (5) (simple, single page, no larger than 8 ½” x 11”); bi fold or tri fold 
  • Blank stationary or copied material (5) pages, no larger than 8 ½” x 11” (including materials copied from the internet) 
  • Greeting cards must be single fold only (multi-fold, musical and/or “pop out” cards are prohibited) 
  • Postage stamps, laminated stickers, etc. are prohibited

Q: An inmate from an Ohio correctional institution is calling my home. What can I do to prevent this? 

A: You can contact Global Tel*Link at 1-877-650-4249 to request that your telephone number be blocked.

Q: Why is it necessary to have a random announcement on the telephone line saying “this call originates from a correctional institution in Ohio,” when I was informed of the same thing before I accepted the call? 

A: The Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction has granted inmates the privilege of making collect telephone calls to family and friends. Inmates have attempted to use the Inmate Call Out Program to engage in criminal activity such as telecommunication fraud and harassment, while serving sentences in Ohio prisons. This announcement is designed to inform those who have not received the initial announcement should a third party become involved. Third parties are commonly added to calls by using “call transfer” or “3-way calling” features. Third party calls are not permitted.

Q: Why are there time limits on calls? 

A: Time limits are imposed to allow all inmates to use the phone system. Each institution’s Warden sets the time limit based on the number of available telephones as well as the security level and behavior of the inmate population.

Q: What am I allowed to mail an inmate in prison? 

A: The Inmate Food and Sundry Package program is subject to our Inmate Personal Property PolicyInmates may order and receive food and sundry packages from vendors approved by the Director or designee.  Keefe Group/Access SecurepakUnion Supply Direct, and Walkenhorsts are approved vendors authorized to provide food and sundry packages to inmates housed in Ohio prisons. Food and Sundry packages ordered for inmates are required to be ordered through Keefe Group/Access Securepak, Union Supply Direct, or Walkenhorsts.  Inmates have access to catalogs, flyers, and order forms for the programs at the institutions. Family members, friends and others (regardless of their inclusion on the inmate’s approved visitation list) may order food and/or sundry packages, subject to the limitations of AR 5120-9-33, from the approved vendor or vendors, for the benefit of a designated inmate. Institutions provide inmates with a list of items they may receive. The list may vary from prison to prison.  It is the responsibility of the inmate to provide family members, friends, and others with the list and the proper mailing guidelines.

Q: Do Ohio prisoners have access to computers for e-mail correspondence? 

A: No, Ohio inmates do not have direct access to e-mail. You may correspond with an inmate via the U.S. Mail or by using JPay, an innovative electronic mail system (this does NOT provide inmates with direct email or internet access).