OJL Education and Training

The Department of Rehabilitation and Correction's Ohio Central School System (OCSS) is responsible for administering academic and skills training. Specific programs vary in length and by institution. To search programs at a specific institution, please visit each institution page.

Ohio Penal Industries (OPI) is an industrial training program offering an opportunity for offenders to develop new attitudes and marketable skills for their return to society.

Services in Ohio’s Institutions

Linkage opportunities are available to offenders within a state correctional facility via videoconference. Participation in videoconference is voluntary and provides the participants with access to community organizations that may be able to assist in an individual’s reentry efforts through job preparedness, job search, and job placement. Videoconference has specific eligibility criteria and linkage collaborations are currently available in Cleveland, Cincinnati, Columbus, and for Veterans statewide. Agencies and/or employers interested in establishing a videoconference opportunity are encouraged to contact our office at 740-845-3100.

Individuals who have been released and are seeking employment assistance should utilize their local Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services One-Stop. Many One-Stops offer job readiness workshops and may be able to provide referrals to other community services. One-Stop locations can be found at http://jfs.ohio.gov/owd/wia/wiamap.stm.

You can access other community services information, organizations, services, and referrals here.

If you are seeking or have questions regarding employment with the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction or the State of Ohio, please go to our careers page to review current employment openings, instructions for application submission or to schedule a civil service examination.