Judge Nancy R. McDonnell Community Based Correctional Facility

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3540 Croton Avenue Cleveland, OH 44115


February 2011

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*American Correctional Association (ACA)

Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services (OMHAS)-Outpatient Chemical Dependency Treatment certified

Intake and Screening

Screening eligibility and admission criteria established by the Facility Governing Board Referrals are adult male felony offenders referred by the sentencing Courts of Common Pleas.


Residential Chemical Dependency Treatment

Six-week group sessions that require active participation in disease concept education, sober support planning, triggers, defenses and aftercare planning.  Clients develop a relapse prevention plan.

Cognitive Skills

A thirteen-week program that provides the tools needed to change problem-causing thinking patterns.  Course teaches offenders how to solve problems responsibly and to consider all possible consequences of their actions.  Offenders participate in exercises that motivate them to think in new ways and use various media tools to further identify cognitive thinking errors in everyday life.

Adult Basic Education

State certified teachers assess individual offender skill levels and develop an Individual Education Plan that provides Basic Literacy Instruction, GED Preparation, College Tutoring, Financial Aid Seminars, Educational Field Trips and a computer lab with educational software for all learning levels.  The Education Department refers offenders to outside programming such as Literacy Tutoring, Adult Basic Literacy Education.  An in-house library is accessible to all offenders to promote reading.

Family Orientation

Orientation provided to families of offenders to encourage family support and participation in CBCF programming.  Families are given information needed to become an integral part of an offender’s success during and after release from the program.  

Family Matters

The Family Matters Education Program is facilitated by professional chemical dependency treatment counselors.  Sessions are designed to break the cycle of chemical dependency through increased knowledge and implementation of healthy living skills


Employment class topics include: skills identification, phoning skills, how to complete a job application, proper appearance for job searching, job resources, interview techniques, resume writing, review of program job search rules, mock job interviews, and use of public transportation.  Offenders are required to provide documentation of productive job searching and are given a reasonable amount of time to secure employment.  The Employment Department works with area employers who are willing to consider CBCF offenders for employment.  

Community Service

Each client is required to complete 20 hours of community service upon entering the program.  Offenders work with Court Community Services and complete various community activities such as community clean ups, community festivals, planting flowers and marching in parades.  


Offenders are given a preliminary health assessment, heath appraisal and a health care planning session upon intake.  Medical staff also conducts sexually transmitted diseases prevention classes.  The goal of the medical staff is to be an integral part of helping offenders develop a healthy lifestyle by providing quality medical care and advice or by referring to community clinics and dental centers that provide needed services.


Indoor activities include fitness equipment, indoor sports, board games and television viewing.  Outdoor activities include basketball, volleyball.  


Aftercare is up to 2 weekly reinforcement sessions that promote sobriety skills through videos and homework assignments.  Offenders are required to complete a recovery plan prior to discharge, which includes meetings, sponsorships and contracts needed for recovery.  

Mental Health

The Cuyahoga County ADAMHS Board provides two full-time mental health clinical staff. Also provided are two qualified mental health professionals that conducts mental health screenings, provides linkage services, and conducts Trauma and Medication Compliance groups for the mentally ill clients at the facility.