80% Court Release

  • Revised Code Section 2967.19 authorizes the Director of the Department of Rehabilitation and Correction (DRC) to recommend to the sentencing court that it consider releasing an eligible offender after the offender has served 80% of his or her sentence.
  • Eligible offender must be serving a prison term of one year or longer.

  • Does NOT replace the current Judicial Release process.

  • Offender may be eligible while serving mandatory time.  However, they are not eligible while serving “restricting offenses” (such as gun specifications, RVO specifications, human trafficking specifications, etc.). There is also an extensive list of “disqualifying offenses” (such as murder, drug trafficking (F-1 or F-2), any sexually oriented offense, felonious assault, etc.).

  • Offender can be placed on supervision for 1-5 years by the releasing court.

The process includes:

  • Initial eligibility determined by the Bureau of Sentence Computation.

  • The gathering of information regarding the suitability of the applicant who is a candidate for consideration.

  • A comprehensive review by the Ohio Parole Board on each applicant to confirm eligibility and assess suitability.

  • Review and a consideration decision made by the Director of DRC.

  • Notice sent to the sentencing court requesting release consideration for those applicants approved by the Director of DRC.