Chief Inspector

Chris Lambert, Chief Inspector

The Office monitors the application of the inmate grievance procedure in the institutions ensuring that inmate concerns and problems are being appropriately addressed. Each institution has an Inspector of Institutional Services who is physically located at the institution. This inspector administers the inmate grievance process at the facility and conducts regular inspections to ensure  departmental rules and policies are being properly followed. The Office of the Chief Inspector provides assistance to institutional investigators and inspectors as well as conducts internal administrative investigations for the department.

Bureau of Operational Compliance

Within the office, the Bureau of Operational Compliance (BOC) is responsible for department policy development, monitoring of policy compliance in all agency operations, the administration of the health and safety program for all facilities, and ensuring the overall accreditation of the agency through the American Correctional Association (ACA).  The Bureau  coordinates policy development that enhances the quality of life throughout the Department.  each facility and parole region within the Department is subject to an annual internal management audit coordinated by BOC to monitor compliance with identified national, state, and local standards and regulations.  BOC has also recently taken on the role of administrating health and safety programs and initiatives in all Department facilities.

In addition, DRC is one of the few states in the country to have earned the Golden Eagle Award from the American Correctional Association for obtaining ACA accreditation in all of its facilities, including all prisons, the training academy, central office, penal industries, parole services, and the parole board. 


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