2017 Officers of the Year

Please join us in congratulating the 2017 Officers of the Year and thanking them for their dedication and commitment to excellence.

Robert Reynolds (AOCI)

Officer Reynolds serves as an instructor for various topics at AOCI. In 2016, he assisted in developing AOCI’s Active Aggressor Plan and was activelyinvolved in training staff. His insight and years of experience in special teams makes him an asset to AOCI.

Kevin S. Clemont (BeCI)

Officer Clemont began his career with ODRC in 1995 and now serves as Visitation Officer at BeCI. He displays a professional and courteous demeanor and is appropriately responsive when interacting with offender families, visitors, volunteers, applicants or other members of the general public.

Mark Hendershot (CCI)

Officer Hendershot has worked with ODRC for 29 years and is known for his humble and generous demeanor. He spent 10 years as a member of SRT and was part of the CCI team that answered the call when the SOCF riot began. He is the perfect embodiment of what ODRC represents.

Roy N. Crago (CRC)

Well respected by his peers, Officer Crago contributes to CRC operations by mentoring and spending time with new officers. He is relied upon daily for his understanding of the overall function of the facility and can be trusted to teach new officers the proper way of doing the job of a correction officer.

Joel Prysock (DCI)

Officer Prysock quietly performs his job duties while taking the initiative in exploring training that will help prepare him for future growth. He is known for his professionalism when interacting with offenders or visitors to the facility.

Vincent Goliday (FMC)

Officer Goliday always presents himself as a professional leader with excellent communications skills with administration and staff. He is goal oriented, task driven and staff at FMC look up to him as a mentor. His professionalism has exceeded to the statewide level where he serves on multiple committees.

Ibrahim Samara (GCI)

Officer Samara has been instrumental in assisting the GCI investigator in recent investigations for serious rule infractions as his fluency in Arabic allowed him to be used as an interpreter. His supportive nature is invaluable to the work being done inside GCI.

Juan L. Brown (LeCI)

Officer Brown began working with ODRC in 2000 and has been assigned to various posts at LeCI since. His professional demeanor, leadership abilities, attention to duty and interpersonal skills all combine to provide excellent services to our department in support of the mission.

Berry Joseph (LoCI)

Officer Joseph began his career with ODRC in 2013 and brings honesty, humility and integrity to his job where he is seen as a leader. He was one of the three SRT members who apprehended an escaped inmate from Southeastern Correctional Complex in 2016.

Ricky E. Gornek (LorCI)

Officer Gornek contributes to the smooth running of the TPU at LorCI, one of the most difficult housing units at the institution. He serves as an example ofexcellence to his peers thanks to his trustworthiness and his willingness to go above and beyond what is asked of him daily.

Nathan P. Varner (MaCI)

Officer Varner embodies a true corrections professional and has assumed many responsibilities over the years, most notably as a mentor to newly hired correction officers where he assists in their initial training and development. He is known as a leader and mentor for many of his peers.

Joshua A. Delp (ManCI)

Officer Delp is ManCI's Chief Hostage Negotiator and CIT Coordinator. He brings integrity to his job and is honest, considerate, dependable, punctual and conscientious in carrying out the duties of his job.

Kevin Steele (MCI)

Officer Steele is a member of the MCI Special Response Team in which he is a team leader demonstrating his ability to lead staff. He embodies his role on SRT while training fellow members to be proficient in physical skills. He takes advantage of multiple training opportunities to further assist his team.

Jackie Hoover, Jr. (NCI)

Officer Hoover, a 13 year veteran, prevented a fight on the yard by quickly responding to a large disturbance. His easy-going professional demeanor has earned him respect from both his peers and the inmate population.

Luiyi Nunez-Herasme (NERC)

Officer Nunez-Herasme has been recognized by his peers for his outstanding response to the medical emergency of an offender. He remainedlevel-headed and executed his assignments efficiently. Recognized as a leader around NERC, he exemplifies the heart of ODRC.

Frederick M. White (ORW)

Officer White is a positive individual who never lets the pressures of his daily job deter him from being pleasant, personable and professional to his peers and supervisors. He is highly respected by his peers and appreciated by offenders because of the way he consistently treats others.

Tracey E. Titus (OSP)

While performing his daily duties, Officer Titus found an inmate to be in the possession of a suicide note and a noose while conducting a quality cell search. It was determined by mental health staff that the inmate had serious intentions of suicide planned for the next day.

Nicholas A. Neff (PCI)

Regardless of the task or assignment given to Officer Neff, he can be depended on to complete it in an efficient and responsible manner. He has remained diligent in his efforts to reduce the amount of contraband from within the institution.

Karl Davis (RCI)

Officer Davis was working overtime in the visiting room when he saw an inmate place an unknown object inside his shirt. When confronted, the inmate took off running towards visitors. Officer Davis apprehended the inmate, recovered the contraband and deescalated the situation.

Falisha Kennebrew (RiCI)

Officer Kennebrew led a significant portion of staff development training that was dedicated to Restrictive Housing and developed operating procedures for the newly established TPU area. Additionally, she proposed changes to address inmate issues that were causing frustration and extortion.

Dustin J. Ward (SCC)

Officer Ward consistently demonstrates leadership, integrity and personal bravery both at work and in his community. His professionalism is second to none as he carries himself with dignity at all times. Officer Ward’s work fosters a positive environment for staff and inmates.

Michael Frankel (SOCF)

Officer Frankel is an exceptional officer who takes pride in his job and is cooperative with all staff and projects a professional image. He is always consistent in judgment and in the performance of his job duties. Supervisors note his attention to detail, concern to security and dedication.

Cheri Raber (TCI)

Officer Raber was one of the first ODRC Officers to be selected and certified as a CIT member. She is active on the Post Order Review Committee andvolunteers for the inmate group “Links” as the staff advisor. Officer Raber also facilitates the Victim Awareness Program every six months.

Ryan C. Ochmanek (ToCI)

Officer Ochmanek serves on ToCI's SRT and as the Chief Union Steward for Toledo's Chapter of OCSEA. His peers recognize the passion he has to do the right thing and his knowledge about policies, procedures and post orders. He is able to bring potential issues or problems to appropriate conclusions.

Andrew Puckett (WCI)

Officer Puckett is a leader within WCI because of his professional demeanor, leadership ability, attention to detail and interpersonal skills. He has been a member of the WCI SRT and STAR Southwest Region since 2014 and is currently the OC instructor for WCI.