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Veterans Day Banquet at RiCI

Veterans Day Banquet at RiCI

In recognition of the 242nd birthday of the United States Marines Corp and Veterans Day, a large group of RiCI offenders celebrated with a banquet, highlighting the five military branches.  Offenders in attendance were educated on the history of the Veterans Day.  A host of offenders were commended for their service to our country, as many attendees were US Veterans. The ceremony was coordinated by the SMART program.   The SMART program (Structured Military Advanced Readiness Training) was established at RiCI in 2015 as an extension of the IVA (Incarcerated Veterans of America).  The group consists of men who’ve made a daily commitment towards living a disciplined, principled, structured lifestyle.   During the course of the festivities, the IVA conducted an impressive drill team routine.  Four of the military branches of government were well represented by RiCI offenders attending the banquet.

Multiple speakers in attendance spoke during the banquet about taking pride in past service. Those speakers included Air National Guard Nick Alexander, Retired US Marine Ryan Legg, RiCI Captain Robert Benedict and RiCI Officer James Jamerson.  Officer Jamerson has retired from the US Army and has been awarded with two Purple heart awards during his service.   The veterans were all acknowledged by the keynote speakers and the reminded that being a Veteran can never be taken away from them. Former military service wasn’t required to attend the banquet, however those attending have dedicating themselves to live their lives according to a military based life-style and maintain a positive disciplinary record while incarcerated.

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