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NEOCC Visits the Ohio State Penitentiary

NEOCC Visits the Ohio State Penitentiary

A couple of Unit Managers from Northeast Ohio Correctional Center in Youngstown spent the day with OSP’s Unit Manager, Donna Crawford, to get a better understanding of the Ohio Plan before they begin accepting Ohio level 3 offenders to their facility.  In the morning, a Town Hall meeting was held in the A-block program room for level 4 offender pod representatives.  Staff from various departments, to include medical, food service, cashiers’ office, recreation, recovery services, inspector’s office, and other areas responded to the concerns and questions the offenders had gathered from their respective pods.  In the afternoon, the unit managers toured the level 4 and Reversion areas where the unit team officers explained the processes of the block and took them on rounds through the pods while the offenders recreated.  Case Manager, Tracy Lamb, offered a quick overview on case planning in the Ohio Risk Assessment System (ORAS); ORAS will now become a part of NEOCC’s daily functions with their addition of Ohio offenders.  Afterwards, the unit managers watched while Unit Manager Crawford and Unit Management Chief, Theodore Jackson, conducted a Thinking for a Change class with the Level 4 offenders in the A-Block program room.  Although it is impossible to demonstrate all facets of the Ohio Plan in one day, the unit managers from NEOCC did witness an overview of how together unit management and security staff are responsive to the concerns of staff and the needs of offenders.          

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