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NE Region Conducts Annual HOPE Channel Strategic Planning Meeting

NE Region Conducts Annual HOPE Channel Strategic Planning Meeting

The Trumbull Correctional Institution was the host of this year’s Annual HOPE (Helping Ohio Prisoners Excel) Channel Steering Committee Strategic Planning Session, which marks the first time female offenders have been on TCI grounds since the closure of the TCC Camp which housed ODRC female offenders up until 2010.

Attending the meeting were staff, community volunteers, and residents of the Northeast Reintegration Center, Grafton Reintegration Center, Lake Erie Correctional Institution and Trumbull Correctional Institution. The purpose of the meeting was to assess the progress of the HOPE Channel in the Northeast Region and to map a plan of action for future HOPE Channel growth and development.

Since its inception, NE Regional Director Todd Ishee has maintained a vision that ODRC residents develop, and operate a broadcasting channel under the supervision of staff and some highly talented and generous community volunteers. The content for the channel is written by, video-taped and edited by residents of prisons in the NE Region. Mr. Ishee’s vision is to have everyone in the Region to “Buy into the R” (which stands for Reintegration or Reentry).

By way of assessment the project continues to grow and its content is shown for several hours daily in the NE Regional Prisons. Plans were made at the Strategic Planning Meeting that will foster continued growth highlighting some amazing inmate testimonials and brand new ODRC Policies that impact the offender population. Additionally, programs created that run about 20 – 30 minutes on the HOPE Channel will be edited down to a 2 to 5 minute “Teaser” that will be published on ODRC Social Media sites. A Marketing plan was also developed that will significantly increase viewership on Social Media sites such as the ODRC Facebook Page, Twitter, Instagram, and You Tube pages. 

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