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NERC Staff Attend CIT Training

NERC Staff Attend CIT Training

NERC Staff William Robinson, Justine Smith, Kathryn Bieber, and  Robert Hersey recently attended the Joint Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Training Conference. CIT is team approach that trains correctional staff to be more effective by enhancing their knowledge and skills; aids administrators in improved management and care for special populations; reduces liability and cost; improves community partnerships for increased access to resources and supports; and increase safety for all.  The real-life application of CIT may be demonstrated without formal CIT activation by CIT team members when they respond to offender behavior using the tools, techniques and skills they learned in CIT training. Additionally, in times of crisis, CIT team members may be dispatched to evaluate the situation and assist with the necessary response based on their training. Whenever circumstances permit, CIT team members shall respond to and conduct planned interventions and de-escalation techniques to resolve the situation without force.

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