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Mind, Body and Soul Conference Held at LorCI

Mind, Body and Soul Conference Held at LorCI

Lorain Correctional Institution Women in Corrections Committee held a Mind, Body and Soul conference in the Northeast Region.  The WIC Committees at Grafton Correctional and Northeast Reintegration Center helped assist with providing beautiful gift baskets that were given to the guest speakers at the conference. The day was full of motivational speakers to include two staff members from LorCI who spoke for the first time regarding their experience as a victim of an offender assault.  Both ladies did a phenomenal job and moved the crowd with their stories of their courage and struggles to overcome any fears that they felt after their assaults.  We work in a dangerous environment and need each other’s support each and every day.  This was a day when we did just that, shared with one another and bonded together to support and empower one another.  A special thank you to all who helped put this wonderful event together as well as to those who attended.

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