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Correctional Education Association 2018 Collegiality Workshop

Correctional Education Association 2018 Collegiality Workshop

Several of the Ohio Central School System (OCSS) administrators and staff attended the 2018 Correctional Education Association Ohio (CEA-O) conference and training event held in Dayton, Ohio this week. The venue provides the opportunity for networking and the workshops deliver the platform for professional development.  Subject Matter Experts (SME) deliver the content relating to personal growth, counseling, library science, licensure and technology ranging from pedagogy to andragogy. The topics are created by correctional educators for correctional educators which includes members of the Ohio Penal and Education Consortium (OPEC).

"Collegiality is Critical to Success "...this title for a workshop presented by Deb Bacon and Stacy Seyfang at the 2018 CEA-O conference speaks volumes to a key element important not only for correctional educators but for all correctional staff.  Collegiality is a frequently misunderstood and undervalued concept when addressing how staff in any setting working together in a collegial manner can dramatically increase productivity and innovation.  

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