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RiCI Applauds Associate Degree Graduates

RiCI Applauds Associate Degree Graduates

Fourteen current and former RiCI offenders have now graduated from Ashland University with Associate degrees. These graduates were participants in the “Second Chance Pell” pilot program.  Eligible incarcerated offenders can receive Pell grants to pursue higher education. The program increases access to education programs/opportunities for incarcerated individuals in hopes to reduce recidivism.

The graduate list now includes five additional offenders that were honored with their degrees.  All of the graduates attained Associate of Arts degrees in General Studies. 

The commencement was facilitated by RiCI’s Education staff in conjunction with Ashland University.  The keynote address was delivered by Mr J. Ross Justice.  Mr Justice is an Ashland University instructor.

He explained to the graduates that their degrees will benefit them tremendously and urged them to utilize their education to the best of their ability. 

It’s anticipated that six current students will also be attaining their Associates degrees later this Summer semester.  Further, RiCI expects to honor its first Bachelor degree graduate by Spring 2019.

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