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Bee Strong Meets ManCI's Offenders

Bee Strong Meets ManCI's Offenders

Bee Strong representatives Jackie and Stacey McCartney, came to ManCI to meet the offenders that produced hats, blankets, and pillow ports for Bee Strong to give to Cancer Patients. Bee Strong is a non-profit organization that ministers to patients undergoing chemotherapy. There were 204 pillow ports (Seatbelt covers to cushion cancer patient’s ports), 39 multi-colored cancer ribbons with magnets, 53 hats, 3 baby doll hats, 1 headband, and 5 blankets. Jackie and Stacey explained how these items are greatly appreciated and how Bee Strong makes up chemo bags (Bee Strong Bags) filled with these items, and much more (like bibles, bookmarks, coloring books, crayons, stuffed animals, crossword puzzles, tissues, chapsticks, candy, water...etc) to help cancer patients be as comfortable as possible, and hopefully brighten their day. DWSS Angelia Hunsinger and Christina Thomas were on hand for the presentation.

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