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The 7 Step Foundation

The 7 Step Foundation

The Correctional Reception Center's own 7 Step Foundation hosted its annual Spring Family Ties event. This year's event consisted of the C.O.S.I. on Wheels program.

C.O.S.I. on Wheels is a daylong activity designed to spark interest and encourage scientific discovery. A C.O.S.I. educator gave a 45-minute interactive presentation followed by hands-on activities. The C.O.S.I. educators were exceptional at keeping the children's attention while teaching about science. The activities allowed the families to experiment with electricity, magnetism, motion, and create chain reactions while learning more about forces and energy.

Diane Roby, CRC's School Administrator, helped to organize the C.O.S.I. on Wheels. Expressing her sentiment, she stated, "Learning is a lifelong pursuit, I'm still learning to this very day. So it's great to be able to assist fathers and their children to learn together." The C.O.S.I. presentation and hands-on activities challenged everyone to learn in an exciting fun way.

Other activities consisted of basketry weaving, a mini herb garden planter, a movie screening and some play time for the children. Event Organizer, Unit Manager Madeline Rhodes,explained the success of the event, "When hosting Family Ties events, it is easy to fall into simple play and fun. Yet our goal is to engage the visitors, offenders and staff in pro-social ways. The key is Balance, which is only achieved by intentionality on our part. C.O.S.I. on Wheels is a great example of education and fun."

Family Ties is an example of great coordination and team work between Security Staff, Chaplin, Religious Service Volunteers, CRC's School Administrators, Aramark Food Services, Unit Staff, Recreation Department, and 7 Step Foundation members. Special thanks to all who make events like this possible.

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