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SMP chairpersons certified at RiCI

SMP chairpersons certified at RiCI

A group comprising of 26 employees from 11 north regional facilities were recently designated as SMP chairpersons.  Serious Misconduct Panel (SMP) training takes place annually within the North and South regions of the State.  RiCI has hosted this annual training the last few years.

The training is to certify staff in order to conduct hearings for misconduct that would potentially qualify offenders for placement in Extended Restrictive Housing.  The SMP panel reviews conduct reports and makes decisions on culpability and recommends appropriate housing assignments for rule violators.   Any SMP panel should consist of two individuals who aren’t employed in the same facility in which the reported rule violation(s) took place.

The training was conducted by Lauren Chalupa (ODRC Attorney) and Jeff Mustard (Classification).  Mr Mustard praised those in attendance for their questions and responsiveness during the training.

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