ODRC Medical Internships


ODRC Office of Correctional Healthcare is accepting applications for students who are seeking education as a:

  • Licensed Practical Nurse or an Associate degree in Nursing
  • Bachelor’s degree, a Master’s degree or a Doctoral degree in Nursing
  • Physician or Physician Assistant

If you are unsure whether the program you are pursuing would be eligible please contact Cassie Barrett.

ODRC offers an excellent experience for students in the medical field. We have more than 25 locations in rural and urban settings with male or female offenders of varying security levels.  You will be able to build your clinical skills in a variety of areas, such as trauma, chronic disease management, and severe mental illness.

Our selection process includes consideration of your skills, experience, supervision requirements, and time-frames. We do not have pre-determined internship opportunities. If you have an education need that we can meet with our resources we will attempt to match you with an appropriate supervisor. For scheduling purposes, it is best to apply six months prior to your anticipated start date.

To apply, send the following via email:

  1. Internship Detail Sheet (submit below)
  2. Approval letter from school or advisor that states you are an enrolled student                     
  3. Resume

When your application is received you will be notified within seven days. If you do not receive notification, please send a follow up email. 

Contact information:

Cassie Barrett, RN BSN, Medical Education Manager: cassie.barrett@odrc.state.oh.us or 614-728-1188

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