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Award Recipients

The Hope Channel is the recipient of the following achievement awards:

HOPE Production Portfolio

About Hope Channel


To provide reentry, education, entertainment and pro-social resources for the department’s television network.  We will accomplish this by building longstanding relationships with our community partners, recruiting and training video and graphic design specialists and promoting team dynamics within our studio network. This will build a bridge of successful reintegration as we fight against recidivism.

List of supporting partners

The HOPE Channel is supported by community partners that help to provide the residents with skilled training. These partners are volunteers that dedicate hours to ensuring the HOPE Channel teams learn organizational and leadership skills needed to build and maintain a healthy and progressive work environment. These skills also assist the residents in the workplace beyond prison.

• Buckeye Digital

• True Freedom Ministries

• Edwin's Leadership and Restaurant Institute

• Securus Foundation

The Hope Channel is made up of four studios in the Northeast Region of Ohio. These studios work collectively towards providing resident generated content and Reentry TV shown to the resident population of Northeast Ohio. The studios also provide video production services to non profits throughout Ohio.

• Media Studio, Grafton Reintegration Center

• Lake Affect Media Studio, Lake Erie Correctional Institution

• Digital Divas, North East Reintegration Center

• Trumbull Media Team, Trumbull Correctional Institution

•  Hope University
Hope University was launched as a way to provide educational content that works in conjunction with JPAY for the residents of the Department of Rehabilitation and Correction's Northeast Region.

Media Studio

• Promotional Videos

• Corporate Training Videos

• Event Coverage

• Documentaries

Graphics Department

• Graphic & Logo Design, Business Cards, Pamphlets and Brochures, Posters, Photoshop Picture Corrections

Screen Printing

• Silk screen printing services on clothing (e.g., t-shirts, sweatshirts, backpacks, etc.)

Apprenticeship Section. Important for viewers to understand that it is an educational job training program in addition to reentry TV.

Advisory board with members/titles-maybe bios

The HOPE Channel is directed and supported by an Advisory Board. The Advisory Board is made up of ODRC staff, community partners, and video production business owners. They offer support and help to guide the Hope Channel to build and maintain a positive presence in Ohio's Prison System.

•         Northeast Regional Director Todd Ishee

•         Cleveland APA Regional Office Michelle Roche

•         Akron APA Regional Office Jennifer Boswell

•         GRC Deputy of Special Services Stephen Reynolds

•         Westminster College Kristenne Robison

•         Office of Victim Services Kristen Arapp

•         Office of Reentry Enterprise Development Mike Davis

•         Ashland University Dawn Weber

•         GCI/GRC Warden LaShawn Eppinger

•         GCI, Deputy Warden Operations Jennifer Gillece

•         Professor Baldwin Wallace Duane Battle

•         ODRC IT Vinko Kucinic           

•         Hope Content Developer Chuck Burrows

•         Buckeye Digital Becky Osborne

•         Independent Film Maker Jacob Hochendoner

•         Information Technology Richard Laugen

•         Reentry Case Manager Clarice Wofford

•         Digital Divas Supervisor Jeff Bertram

•         Sanctuary Filming Larry Reed

•         LMM Malika Kidd

•         Independent Photographer Lameer Kidd

•         LMM Bryan Mauk

•         True Freedom Ministries Michael Swiger

•         TOPUCU Foundation Norm Mulder

•         SCORE Paul Decapua

•         UMC NERC Dionne Esclik

•         UMA LORCI John Geras

•         Dawton Foundation Tim Elliott

•         GCI/GRC Officer Tom Thompson

•         Kent State University Ryan McNaughton

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If you would like to know more about the services offered you can contact the following Hope Channel Supervisors:

Media Studio/Hope Channel Supervisor

Graphics and Screen Printing Supervisor