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Director Mohr



Gary C. Mohr is director of the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction (DRC). Appointed by Governor John Kasich in January 2011, he has over 44 years of correctional experience and a national reputation for being an innovative prison reformer.  Since beginning his career in 1974 as a teacher’s aide at the Marion Correctional Institution, Director Mohr has been a progressive figure in the world of corrections. 


Director Mohr, who is the President-elect of the American Correctional Association (ACA), was awarded the very first Tom Clements Award for innovation in correctional practices in 2016 and also the 2017 Michael Francke Career Achievement Award by the Association of State Correctional Administrators.  He received the 2015 International Community Corrections Association’s President’s Award in recognition of support of community corrections.  He is the recipient of the Walter Dunbar Award from ACA in recognition of commitment to correctional accreditation (2015) and is director of the first correction system to receive the Lucy Webb Hayes Award (2016).  This award was established to recognize correctional agencies that have achieved 100% compliance with both ACA accreditation standards and the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) standards.  Director Mohr is a member of the Vera Institute’s Advisory Council of the Safe Alternatives to Segregation.


From 1992-1994, Director Mohr served as director of the Governor’s Office of Criminal Justice, where he led the investigation into the cause of the 1993 Lucasville riot. Many of his team’s recommendations for preventive measures and improved conditions were incorporated into DRC’s standard operating policies and adopted by prison systems across the nation. He also chaired the Governor’s Task Force on Gun Violence.


In 2002, Director Mohr served as deputy director and superintendent of the Ohio Department of Youth Services. Previously, he was DRC deputy director for administration, as well as a deputy director in the agency’s Office of Prisons, where he supervised, mentored and advised a region of the state’s wardens. In addition, Director Mohr has served as warden at the Ross Correctional Institutional, Chillicothe Correctional Institution, and the Correction Reception Center.


In 2005, Director Mohr founded Mohr Correctional Insight, where he advised the Corrections Corporation of America in areas of staff leadership and development, and implementing unit management.


Director Mohr and his wife of 46 years have three adult children and six grandchildren. He is a resident of Chillicothe.



For more information or to reach Director Mohr, please contact Melissa Adkins (Executive Assistant) via email or at 614-752-1153.

The Department's Responsibilities and Structure

All adults convicted of felonies for which the statutory minimum is at least six months come into the state's prison system, which is under the supervision of the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction.

Many convicted felons are not, however, sent to prison. Instead, they are supervised in the community through probation or other community corrections alternatives.

Convicted felons who have served a specific amount of time in prison can be, if eligible, placed back into the community through a system called Parole. Parole is a period of supervision prior to full release from the state's correctional system. This function, too, belongs to the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction.

The Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction was established under House Bill 494. Its responsibilities are defined in Ohio Revised Code 5120.

Final responsibility for operation of the Department rests with the Governor who appoints the Director. The Department's Director serves at the pleasure of the Governor. The Director has full power and authority in the supervision and control of the Department's affairs and is its chief administrative officer.


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