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HOGS in Ministry Visits LorCI  for Six Years

HOGS in Ministry Visits LorCI for Six Years

HOGS in Ministry visited the Lorain Correctional Institution.  HOGS has been coming to LorCI for the past 6 years and this past visit we learned that we were the first facility to allow them in.  During their visit they started off with a motorcycle procession through the institution and then rocked the house for the offender population with tunes from popular bands such as Journey and the Eagles.  It was a day for the offender population to let their hair down for a minute and enjoy some dancing, singing and fun.  The group even brought along a Magician who kept the crowd in stitches with his comical side as well as his magic tricks.  Once the band ended and the magic show was over, HOGS in Ministry broke out into smaller groups and prayed with the offender population. 

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