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Dress to Succeed TCI Ribbon Cutting

Dress to Succeed TCI Ribbon Cutting

Trumbull Correctional Institution (TCI) held the Dress to Succeed Ribbon Cutting Ceremony. The program receives donated suits and casual clothing. The offenders at TCI’s branch of Dress to Succeed selects clothing to help them get ready for their future. When offenders are released from prison they are provided a cost efficient set of clothing to wear.  TCI now offers a new suit and/or business casual when returning to the community to better prepare them for job opportunities.  TCI partnered with Dress to Succeed LLC and Home for Good Re-entry Resource Center to provide inmates with the opportunity to “shop” for properly fitted clothing.  The new clothing gives them dignity and the confidence to succeed in society.  Michael McGhee was the first to shop for new clothes at TCI’s Dress to Succeed.  He chose a business suit, tie, socks and shoes for his formal attire.  He also selected some casual clothing.  This is an opportunity to improve an inmate’s motivation to get back on track.  According to Mr. McGhee “if you look good, you feel good” which makes the return to the community one step easier.  Mr. McGhee re-entered society with his new clothes.

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