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Chopping for Change Graduates Another Class of Culinary Artists

Chopping for Change Graduates Another Class of Culinary Artists

Lutheran Metropolitan Ministry (LMM) on Cleveland’s Superior Avenue hosted NERC residents and their families for yet another graduating class.

As Northeast Regional Director Todd Ishee addressed those attending the graduation he said “This is a flagship program and partnership that is transcending beyond the boundaries of Ohio”.

Mr. Ishee was a key supporter of the partnership with LMM when the idea to train NERC residents in culinary arts while simultaneously providing meals for over 2000 Cleveland residents on a daily basis was developed.

Since then LMM has expanded their support of the Reintegration Center to also provide space to operate a Clothing Resource Center where residents can obtain professional clothing and accessories donated to the Center just prior to release.

This partnership provides not only provides resources for our offenders but the skills and tools to obtain meaningful employment which lowers recidivism and crime in Ohio.

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