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Ohio Association of Foodbanks Partners with CCI

Ohio Association of Foodbanks Partners with CCI

Beginning earlier this year, the ODRC partnered with the Ohio Association of Foodbanks (OAF) in a community service project in an effort to raise and harvest crops on farmland located at the Chillicothe Correctional Institution (CCI). It is with hope this project will provide a reliable source of fresh produce to be distributed to the OAF’s foodbanks and emergency food assistance network, not to mention offer emergency food assistance to help feed Ohio’s needy citizens. The OAF is providing all the materials and resources for this project and CCI is supplying approximately 420 acres of farmland and the offender labor needed to harvest the produce. CCI will be planting twenty acres of sweet corn and four hundred acres of soybeans this year! The soybeans are a cash crop with all the proceeds being donated to the OAF. Warden Jenkins stated, "I couldn’t be more pleased to not only see the farmland being used but the produce going to such a worthy cause just makes it the perfect project for the staff and offenders at CCI."

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