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Veteran Pathway at GRC

Veteran Pathway at GRC

Grafton Reintegration Center has introduced a new course for the Veteran Pathway within the Reintegration Center with the assistance of Faculty: Rev. Sala Nolan-Gonzales and Dr. Diana Gurley sponsored by the New Community, Co-Sponsors: Louis B. Stokes VA Chaplaincy and the MetroHealth Medical System.  The course will focus on leadership training and critical thinking.  The participants will plan programs and activities for the Reintegration Veteran Pathway.  To introduce this new course, the faculty hosted an opening evening to invite and encourage the Veteran population at the Grafton Reintegration Center to get involved in the new pathway.  The attendance of the event included: Faculty Facilitators Rev. Sala Nolan-Gonzales; Dr. Diana Gurley; Stacy Kenney, VA Chaplain; Patricia James-Stewart, VA Domiciliary; Warden LaShann Eppinger; and Deputy Warden Jennifer Gillece.  This event offered encouragement and excitement for the men at the Reintegration Center to find guidance, support, and engagement within the Veteran Pathway of the Reintegration Center with the goal to address those needs of the men returning to the community.

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